Research Interest

My main interest in research is understanding the underlying neural mecanism that allow visual perception in human. I have focus this research on the perception of color and the relationship between the retina anatomy and physiology.

During my Phd I have developed a model of chromatic processing by the neuron in the retina. This model allow understanding how light entering the retina is process in achromatic versus chromatic spatial information.

I continue this activity today with the help of three students on the following particular subject.

Acquisition dynamique d'image couleur
with Prakhar Amba, PhD Student

3D on chip
with Jérome Dias, PhD Student

Influence du rapport de nombre de cône L/M sur la discrimination couleur
avec Fabien Fernandez

Évaluation d'un système de substitution visuo-tactile
avec Lucie Aguilar


Perceptual processing for digital Camera
with Phuong Ahn DO HOANG, Phd student

Understanding the signal processing in the human visual system
with Brice Chaix de Lavarène, Phd Student

Sensory substitution
with Barthelémy Durette, Phd Student